Honda i-MID Display

If you have been driving for a while, maybe you can think back to a time when cd players were a luxury, or perhaps even when you were just happy to have a radio.

Just what is it that makes an automaker decide to include a new piece of technology as standard? We’re not quite sure, but it looks like Honda is taking the initiative and causing drivers to think of standard features in a new way with their 2013 line of vehicles.

Honda Gives Drivers the Latest in Auto Tech

When you’re looking around for a new auto around West Michigan, there are probably quite a few different things on your mind. Once you get past the style of vehicle you want and your budget, it becomes a question of what kind of amenities you want or need in your car. After you’ve made your list, check it against this one and see just how much is included as standard on the basic Honda LX trim level:

  • Rearview camera system- Now you can back up and parallel park without fear of blind spots or worry that there may be pedestrians you just can’t glimpse behind your car.
  • Alloy wheels- Practical, lightweight, and stylish; we’re surprised that more cars don’t include alloy wheels as standard.
  • Bluetooth HandsFreeLink- Need to stay connected to your phone? Honda understands, and with their special Bluetooth interface, you can sync your smartphone up with your car with ease. It can even handle SMS text messages.
  • Pandora internet radio-  One of the great inventions of the internet, being able to pick a radio station and customize it to your liking, is now available in your vehicle.
  • Honda i-MID infotainment system- And what is it that links all of the new technology together? The Honda intelligent Multi-Information Display. This touchscreen interface also features steering wheel-mounted controls to help keep your focus on the road while still staying in control of your phone and music.

If you thought that list was impressive, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Some models include built-in hard drives with storage for music and other media, and as another perk, you can customize the i-MID on these new Honda vehicles to fit your personality with your own wallpapers. Visit a West Michigan Honda dealer and take a test drive of one of these incredibly well-equipped new vehicles.