2014 honda accord 800x400pxOne thing you can count on here at West Michigan Honda Dealers is for drivers to be impressed by the features available on the 2014 Honda Accord Sedan.

There’s a reason why Honda has been thought of as redefining the idea of “standard features” since their 2013 lineup debuted, and that continues right into 2014 with the Accord.

What’s this new definition of standard features, you ask? We’re about to show you.

Honda Sets the Standard

If you want to get Bluetooth in your next midsize sedan, you might expect that you’d have to pay extra for it—at least if you want to stream audio, as some automakers are making phone connectivity standard.

Do you want a touchscreen interface that lets you customize your background and gives you plenty of easy to access steering wheel-mounted controls to manage your technology? That’s also typically an upgrade. Same with a rearview camera. And many vehicles don’t even come with the option of Pandora radio connectivity or SMS text messaging integration.

Do any of these features sound nice to you? Do you wish they came standard on a new sedan? They do if you drive a 2014 Honda Accord.

It might seem like we’re being unfair to the competition, but if you think we’re kidding, take a look at the differences between the 2014 Honda Accord and Nissan Altima and decide for yourself which has the better standard features package.

Test Drive an Accord Today

The best way to see if the Accord is for you is to take one for a test drive. Visit a West Michigan Honda Dealer today and see the 2014 Honda Accord Sedan firsthand. We think you’ll be glad that you did!

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