2014 Odyssey 3We are still in awe that no automaker has tried to make a built-in vacuum cleaner a piece of equipment on their minivans.Well, no automaker until Honda.

The 2014 Honda Odyssey—available now at West Michigan Honda Dealers—comes with a built-in vacuum cleaner at the Touring Elite trim level.

This HondaVac is an incredible little sweeper that can run for as many as eight minutes after you’ve shut off the minivan, making it easy to clean up messes and spills quickly without having to pump quarters into one of those industrial vacuums.

More than Just a Minivan

The Odyssey does well to offer drivers more than just a standard minivan. As if the vacuum cleaner option weren’t enough, Honda has equipped this vehicle with incredible standard features from the entry-level LX trim level all the way to the top of the line.

Take a look at what you get standard on the Odyssey:

  • Bluetooth HandsFreeLink—Connect your compatible smartphone with the Odyssey and make your phone calls handsfree. You can even stream music straight from your phone. Honda’s interface is ready for Pandora and SMS texting too!
  • Honda’s i-MID infotainment system—A touchscreen interface and a state of the art system, Honda’s i-MID links all of your technology in one convenient place.
  • Steering wheel-mounted controls—These are more than just convenient; they help keep your hands on the wheel, hopefully making drivers pay more attention to the road while having the same control over their tech.
  • Rearview camera—Back up and parallel park with confidence!

Just to illustrate further how great of a minivan this is, see how the 2014 Nissan Quest and Odyssey compare.

Bring the Family Down

If you want to drive home a 2014 Honda Odyssey, you’ll want to bring the family down to take a look too. After all, they’ll be spending a fair amount of time in the minivan too. Maybe don’t let the kids know about the vacuum, though. You don’t want them trying to make you use it every trip out the door, right?

Stop by a West Michigan Honda Dealer today and take the new Honda minivan for a test drive. We think you’ll have fun behind the wheel.


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