HondaWe think that the 2015 Honda Pilot is good to go as is, from even the basic LX trim level, but we also know that sometimes drivers need something a little extra out of their vehicle, something that goes beyond what the trim levels have to offer. And that’s why we stock official Honda accessories at West Michigan Honda Dealers, including a range that let you do even more with your 2015 Pilot.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite ones.

Our Favorite Exterior Accessories

At West Michigan Honda Dealers, many of us like to take our friends or families out into the wilderness for a long weekend of camping, hiking, and fun, and the Pilot makes all of that easy with some nice accessories:

  • Roof racks and roof-mounted storage: If you’re taking the whole family on a trip, you may not have room inside the Pilot for everything you need to bring. Luckily, there are multiple sizes of roof boxes that let you add on extra storage space, and there are special racks designed for transporting bikes, kayaks, skis, and more.
  • Camping tent: Yes, there is a Honda tent that can be matched up with the 2015 Pilot. It has sleeping room for up to six adults and its overhang makes it convenient to access the modern amenities of the Pilot’s interior as you need them.
  • Full-size spare wheel: You can never be too careful, and we encourage our drivers to invest in a full-size spare, especially if they are doing any towing.

Test Drive a Pilot Today

The 2015 Honda Pilot is one of the best vehicles in its class, offering five different trim levels, plenty of power, an efficient engine, and a unique sense of style. Accessories let you customize it to fit almost any need. Visit a West Michigan Honda Dealer today and let our sales team put you behind the wheel for a test drive.

Already own a 2015 Pilot? Then stop by and we’ll show you all of the available accessories.


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