The 2015 Honda Pilot pictures are just one part of a much larger story, the story of a family-friendly crossover SUV that has served and will continue to serve West Michigan drivers well. We think that the best way for you to see the Pilot is in person, but with the pictures and the right words, we think we can give you an idea of why so many area drivers have been fans for a while.

Let’s take a look at what the Pilot has to offer beyond its good looks.

Convenient Cargo Space

HondaThe interior pictures of the Pilot clearly show three rows of standard seating, and it’s easily got room for the family with 153.7 cubic feet of passenger space (while pictures are nice, sometimes it’s a good idea to investigate the specs to see just how much room a vehicle like the Pilot has).

And if you don’t need all of that passenger space, it’s easy to expand the cargo space of the Pilot to accommodate larger items or make room to take the dog to the vet. The Pilot can have as much as 87.0 cubic feet of cargo space if you fold down the second- and third-row seats:

  • Standard cargo storage allows for 18.0 cubic feet, which is plenty of space for your everyday errands.
  • If you fold down the third row of seating, the cargo area opens up to 47.7 cubic feet.
  • If you need to unlock the full cargo space, though, simply fold down the second and third row and take advantage of that 87.0 cubic feet.

While the pictures sure make the Pilot look spacious, the specs show just how much more room there is in this crossover SUV. Imagine how much else there is to see in the Pilot that you don’t notice in the pictures.

Test Drive a 2015 Pilot

HondaLet us put you in the driver’s seat of Honda’s SUV so that you can get a view and an experience that the 2015 Honda Pilot pictures can’t compare to. Visit a West Michigan Honda Dealer near you for your test drive, and remember that the 2015 Pilot comes in five different trim levels—we’re sure there’s a version for you.

West Michigan Honda Dealers includes Battle Creek Honda, Betten Honda, Crown Honda, Fox Honda, River Town Honda, and Zeigler Honda.