2016 Honda CR-VThe CR-V is one of the most popular family vehicles we’ve ever seen, and we think at least part of that is due to the 2016 Honda CR-V cargo volume, which offers space for groceries, the kids’ sports gear, backpacks, and more. We think it’s one of the best crossover SUVs in our lineup, and if you’re as concerned about passenger and cargo space as many of our drivers are, you need to read about how the CR-V stands up to its competitors.

Comparing to the Competition

While the CR-V has seating for up to five passengers, its split-folding rear-seat design lets you easily expand the cargo area to encompass part or all of the rear seat. Many competitors allow for similar cargo expansion options, but few have the same kind of space as the 2016 Honda CR-V cargo volume.

  • Each 2016 CR-V LX 2WD is designed with 37.2 cubic feet in the cargo area, and if you fold down both of the rear seats, it expands to accommodate up to 70.9 cubic feet of cargo.
  • The 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport comes close to the CR-V but still falls short with only 35.4 cubic feet of rear cargo room.
  • The 2016 Nissan Rogue offers a maximum cargo volume of 70.0 cubic feet, which is another vehicle that comes close to the CR-V but comes up short again.
  • 2016 Chevrolet Equinox models feature a standard 31.5 cubic feet of cargo room that expands to a max of 63.7 cubic feet.
  • The Jeep Cherokee might look like a competitor to the CR-V, but it doesn’t come close on space with only 24.6 cubic feet of cargo room (with a max of just 54.9 cubic feet). Read our 2016 Jeep Cherokee review for a thorough breakdown of the two crossovers.
  • 2016 Jeep Patriot models have even less space than the Cherokee with 23.0 cubic feet of cargo room that expands to 53.5 cubic feet at the most.

We’ve shown you just how the CR-V compares to five top competitors when it comes to cargo space, but rest assured that Honda’s crossover is impressive enough on its own. Whether in the front or the back, you’ll have plenty of room to get comfortable with interior specs like these:

  • Headroom: 39.9 inches in the front and 38.6 inches in the rear
  • Hiproom: 54.5 inches in the front and 53.1 inches in the rear
  • Legroom: 41.3 inches in the front and 38.3 inches in the rear
  • Shoulder Room: 58.6 inches in the front and 56.4 inches in the rear

With a passenger volume of up to 104.1 cubic feet, the CR-V is ready for the long family road trip or the daily ride to and from school.

Test Drive a CR-V

We’ve broken down the specs and shown you how the 2016 Honda CR-V cargo volume excels, but when it comes to space, you really need to feel just how much room there is. Visit a West Michigan Honda Dealer near you today to take a test drive of the 2016 CR-V and experience firsthand how roomy the cabin is and see how much space the cargo area can hold.