Explore the 2017 Honda Fit’s Impressive Cargo Capacity, Storage, and Seating Configurations

  • 2017 Honda Fit

    Don’t let the size of the subcompact 2017 Honda Fit fool you—inside there is plenty of room for passengers and for carrying massive amounts of cargo. That’s because it’s been expertly designed to utilize and make the most of the space. With storage and seating configurations that can accommodate passengers, cargo, or both, there is nothing, especially its subcompact size, that can stop the Honda Fit. It can give drivers the best of two worlds with all the perks of having a subcompact—superior fuel economy, ability to squeeze into tight spaces, and driver-friendly features—while also having the versatility and capability that you’d expect to find with larger crossovers.

Passenger Space

This five-passenger subcompact is inviting from the outside—and on the inside it leaves amble room for all passengers in both the first and second row. When you pile in and hit the road, even tall passengers in the back will feel comfortable and relaxed. Let’s look at a breakdown of the measurements inside:

  • First-row legroom – 41.4 inches
  • Second-row legroom – 39.3 inches
  • First-row headroom – 39.5 inches
  • Second-row headroom – 37.5 inches
  • First-row shoulder room – 54.8 inches
  • Second-row shoulder room – 52.6 inches
  • Front-row hip room – 51.5 inches
  • Second-row hip room – 45.1 inches
  • Maximum passenger volume – 95.7 inches
Honda Fit Interior

Seating Configurations

The Fit’s innovative 2nd-row Magic Seat is a 60/40-split bench seat. It is key to the Honda Fit’s passenger and cargo space and its reputation as a versatile and surprisingly accommodating subcompact. With four different seat/cargo configuration modes, drivers have the ability to change the Fit to fit their needs. Whether you’re carting friends or family across the state, or you’re on a road trip and you spot an antique chair you have to have, the Fit can handle it all. The result is a feeling of having plenty of space and plenty of options to configure that space for whatever you might need.


Honda Fit Utility ModeUtility Mode – Fold down the entire second row for Utility Mode and accommodate the largest cargo items or the biggest load of cargo. It’s enough space for a bicycle or even a small couch.

Honda Fit Long Mode

Long Mode – In Long Mode, the passenger seat in the front and the passenger-side seat in the back are both folded down flat to accommodate long and narrow cargo items while still leaving seats for two passengers in the rear. Slide in a ladder for a job or skis for a weekend trip.

Honda Fit Tall Mode

Tall Mode – For Tall Mode, remove the headrests and fold up the backseats for tall items. The well of storage space under the seats is revealed and balloons the total vertical cargo space up to 4 feet.

Honda Fit Refresh Mode

Refresh Mode – Refresh Mode is great when you’re on a long trip and just need a little rest at a pit stop. The front seats fold all the way back and the rear seats recline, making the perfect surface to stretch your legs out and take a nap.

Honda Fit Cargo

Cargo Capacity

Altogether, this mighty subcompact can handle quite a bit of cargo thanks to its wide stance on the road and seats that can be folded down, up, laid flat, or reclined. With all the seats intact and occupied by passengers, there is still 16.6 inches of cargo volume with access via the hatchback. Change the Magic Seat for different configurations and get more cargo space for large items, small items, and everything in between. With the seats folded all the way down, the Fit has a maximum cargo volume of 52.7 inches. That makes it one of the roomiest vehicles in its class.


The Honda Fit also has a lot of places, nooks, and crannies for extra storage. The center console in the front offers storage and organization for devices that drivers want to keep close by. And it comes equipped with a USB port and 12-volt power outlets so you can keep your devices charged and ready to go.

There is also plenty of door pocket storage and beverage holders for added convenience and organization. There is a place for everything in the Fit.

The seatback storage and under-seat storage are also mainstays inside the Fit. Slide items or tuck them under the rear seat, and the legroom for passengers in the back won’t be compromised.

The Fit has storage features to make carrying all that cargo a little easier. Features like cargo-area tie-downs can give drivers added assurance that items won’t move around on turns or stops. And a cargo cover can keep items you don’t want seen out of sight or offer protection from UV rays.

Honda Fit Storage

Test Drive Today

The 2017 Honda Fit offers West Michigan drivers a spacious cabin with more versatility, room, and options for both passengers and cargo. See the interior of the Fit in person by visiting a West Michigan Honda Dealer today for a test drive.

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