Honda HR-V Stability Assist with Traction ControlIf you’re shopping for an outstanding crossover SUV that will tick all your boxes in terms of amenities, you may wonder if the 2017 Subaru Crosstrek’s standard features will include everything you’re looking for.

In exploring the various crossovers that are currently available in the marketplace, drivers will find that the popular 2017 Honda HR-V delivers a variety of standard amenities that do not come standard onboard the Subaru Crosstrek. Keep reading to find out more—then stop by your nearest West Michigan Honda Dealers location to take the impressive HR-V for a test drive!

Prime Features

We’ve conducted a comparison between the base models of the HR-V and Crosstrek lineups, the HR-V LX and the Crosstrek 2.0i, to catalog the standard amenities in each lineup. The results show that a variety of features come standard in the HR-V but not the Crosstrek; they are either not available at all onboard the Crosstrek or are only offered as higher-cost upgrades.

Included among these features, the Honda HR-V provides a standard Maintenance Minder system that calculates the times for needed vehicle maintenance based on actual driving conditions, reminding drivers of the need for oil changes, air filter replacement, tire rotation, and lots more. This is a feature not available for any of the Subaru Crosstrek models.

The HR-V also offers standard variable-assist power steering, which reduces the effort needed when parking, enables better control when driving at highway speeds and when cornering, and facilitates better overall connectivity to the road. This is another feature not offered in the Crosstrek.

Other amenities that come standard onboard the HR-V but not the Crosstrek include:

  • Delayed power retention
  • Anti-theft stereo
  • CD player
  • Reclining rear seats
  • Under-seat storage
  • Extendable sun visors

Experience the Outstanding HR-V

Drivers can further explore the amenities offered onboard the 2017 Honda HR-V at any West Michigan Honda Dealers location. Come in and see us or contact us today to learn more about the HR-V and its options and offerings and to take this impressive crossover SUV out for a test drive!