2018 Honda Odyssey Carnival

Brand new vehicles, however affordable, aren’t always the best options for drivers on a budget. Even so, West Michigan drivers don’t want to settle for an unreliable used car. For many people, certified pre-owned vehicles represent the best of both worlds, yet the features included in CPO coverage will vary significantly from brand to brand. When it comes time to choose a vehicle, our friends and neighbors will get the most for their money by choosing Honda. According to the experts at Autotrader, Honda has one of the best CPO programs around.

Drive with Confidence: Certified Pre-Owned Protection

All auto manufacturers offer warranties as incentives in their CPO program, but Honda’s program stands out for a number of reasons. Those who purchase a certified pre-owned Honda will drive with the peace-of-mind that only a seven-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty can provide. What’s more, for the first year of their vehicle’s life (or for the first year of ownership if it’s more than one year old at the time of purchase) they’ll also gain 12,000-mile bumper-to-bumper coverage. With Honda’s program, this all-around coverage is complemented by two features that Autotrader’s editors call “excellent perks.” You won’t have to pay a deductible for any repairs covered by these warranties, and you can easily transfer these warranties to any future owner. This feature can attract a higher resale price when you sell your certified pre-owned Honda to the next lucky driver.

2018 Honda CR-V Red
2018 Honda Civic Silver

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You’ll love how you feel behind the wheel of a certified pre-owned Honda, and right now is the perfect time to check out our current offers. Visit your local West Michigan Honda dealer to get a hands-on feel for Honda’s lineup and to learn more about Honda’s celebrated CPO program.