Most reviewers only use a vehicle for a couple of hours, but the latest CNET Passport review considered the vehicle for a whole year to get a thorough impression of how it performs as an everyday vehicle. They used a fully loaded 2019 Passport Elite to test out all the bells and whistles, and they ended up having very little opportunity to complain. In their own words: “As an excellent daily driver, road tripper and even light off-roader, the Passport had many opportunities to shine.”

CNET on Honda Passport Interior Space and Features

The Passport was mainly driven by San Francisco-based producers Marc Ganley and Evan Miller, and both praised interior space. Ganley noted: “Don’t think myself or Evan ever had trouble fitting all our gear in it.” As for passenger space, Ganley wrote: “As a 6-foot, 6-inch giant, I never felt uncomfortable.”

The updated dashboard with volume knob proved a big deal, and Miller found plenty to love about the Passport’s 8-inch display: “Apple CarPlay was quick to turn on after I plugged in my phone, and it was easy to navigate on the large screen.” Hall appreciated the Wi-Fi hotspot: “Even when we are filming in the middle of nowhere and my phone doesn’t have a signal, the larger antenna in the Passport often plucks a signal out of the air.”

CNET on Honda Passport Performance

The 2019 Honda Passport used the same 280 hp, 262 lb-ft of torque 3.5L V6 across all trim levels, and that outstanding engine has carried over to the latest model. CNET’s model also came with all-wheel drive, which editor Emme Hall put through its paces in the snow and on a run out to Moab.

CNET rated the Passport a “competent daily driver” for trips in the city and on the highway, and they also “loved how seamlessly Honda’s driver-assistance tech worked.” During a longer drive, both the Lane Keeping Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control systems were great at handling the heavy lifting.

Off-road performance was equally impressive. As written by Hall: “The Passport is more capable than you might think. It easily drove in and out of rain gullies near the Canyonlands ranger station near Moab, and hung out like a boss over a few rocky climbs.”

The 2019 Honda Passport Proved an Unstoppably Popular Vehicle

The Honda Passport only got more impressive for 2020, so CNET’s review shows you’ll be impressed whether you pick up a 2020 Honda Passport or go for a used Honda Passport. You can find out more and explore current specials by visiting your local West Michigan Honda dealer today.