2018 Design and Drive Finalists

Meet the artists for this year’s Design and Drive art contest at ArtPrize Ten.

Bob Ashley

Bob Ashley
Holland, MI

Vehicle: 2018 Honda HR-V
Title: Fingers, Feathers, Fins or Fur
Sponsored by: Serra Honda Grandville – Grandville, MI

A native of Grand Rapids, I graduated from Kendall School of Design and began my career at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City, where I illustrated children’s books and contemporary cards for six years. I started my own business and moved it back to Michigan, working in almost every medium, from fine art, to cartoons, illustrations, and corporate design. As adjunct creative director to myriad companies, I also designed furniture, toys, movie creatures, and a variety of products, but my focus has always been on storytelling in one form or another – thus, the presentation on this vehicle.

Disturbed by what I’m seeing in a violent world today, I look to the innocence of children to shape the future of our planet. “Fingers, Feathers, Fins or Fur” is the working title for a book I’m creating about the spirit of generosity to those who are different than us. The story is about children from other planets and moons in our solar system who have already learned this important lesson and embrace each other in spite of their obvious differences. They are every color and size imaginable, and love to help each other succeed. They also deliver food to those in need, care for their injured, and have a great sense of adventure, which is why they want to visit Earth on their vacation this year… and this is where the adventure begins!


Margo Bacik

Margo Bacik
Battle Creek, MI

Vehicle: 2018 Honda Accord
Title: Lungs of Our Earth
Sponsored by: Battle Creek Honda – Battle Creek, MI

I have enjoyed being a commissioned artist for over 20 years with a variety of work. The diversity of work keeps me challenged and inspired! I have displayed and sold work around the country, from Los Angeles to Martha’s Vineyard; Baton Rouge to Michigan. I’m thankful to Battle Creek Honda for this awesome opportunity!

My design is a colorful, dramatic representation of our rainforests and its wild life. By illustrating the changes happening today, I hope to not only show its beauty but also raise awareness of the amazing creatures that are endangered, and some that have already gone extinct in my lifetime. I encourage you to find and name all the creatures that are endangered, and silhouettes of those extinct.

Did you know that 1 ½ acres of rainforest is gone every second and at the current rate of deforestation, all the rainforests will be gone in the next 40 years. Why save the rain forest? It produces more than 20% of the worlds oxygen and cleans our atmosphere. It provides medicinal plants for diseases, stabilizes our earth’s climate, and it’s the home to half the plants and wildlife on this planet. Join me in helping one of the most beautiful, important, and threatened places on earth. Together we can protect it for future generations to come.


Margarita Beale

Margarita Beale
Lambertville, MI

Vehicle: 2018 Honda Civic Sedan
Title: The Path of Life
Sponsored by: Betten Baker Honda – Muskegon, MI

Colorful, Vibrant and Passionate are the three words that describe both Margarita and her approach to art.

Margarita fills her canvas with a wide array of subjects including intricately detailed portraits, sweeping landscapes, and brilliant abstracts. Each takes on its own character that dances across the canvas. She puts great effort into translating her vision with every meticulous brushstroke. Her pallet is her playground as she creates a rich blend of colors that breathe life onto a white canvas.

She enjoys seeing people in the community take an interest in art, and is a firm believer that there is an artist in all of us. Margarita draws her inspiration from beautiful places she visits and the colorful people she meets along the way. Each moment along life’s journey offers her experiences with others through her paintings. Each piece symbolizes a chapter in her life, and its unique story. With a dynamic personality, Margarita’s boundless energy is reflected in her work. Each painting is a glimpse into a youthful soul and zest for life.

Finding our passion and sharing it with others is a cornerstone to Margarita’s philosophy as she’s not only an artist and mother, but also a fitness enthusiast competing in women’s figure competitions. Her artwork is featured in galleries throughout Michigan, Ohio, New Mexico, Arizona, Florida, Canada, England, and Chile. She is an honorary member of several art societies and clubs across the area, most notably the legendary SCARAB CLUB IN DETROIT, where she models for Saturday morning classes. She enjoys volunteering her time at various events across the region.


Chris Garcia

Chris Garcia
Holland, MI

Vehicle: 2018 Honda CR-V
Title: Tulip City
Sponsored by: Crown Honda – Holland, MI

I am a self-taught graffiti, mural, and tattoo artist born and raised in the beautiful lake town of Holland which serves as the inspiration for this design. I have been painting and tattooing since I was a teenager. I currently own a private custom tattoo studio in Holland called HTOWNINK, www.htownink.com

When I’m not painting murals or creating tattoos, I love spending time with my four children. My entry aims to capture the amazing views on the Lake Michigan coast. I plan to include the amazing lighthouse BIG RED on the hood of the car with waves crashing all around it along the side panels. The tulips will be blowing in the wind, as if the car is in motion. My entire entry will be created 100% with spray paint.

Thanks for checking out my work!



Grand Rapids, MI

Vehicle: 2018 Honda Civic Coupe
Title: Nihon (Japan)
Sponsored by: Zeigler Honda – Kalamazoo, MI

This design is a celebration of traditional Japanese culture through an American bred art style, Graffiti or Street Art. Graffiti Art finds its roots in Philadelphia and is tied closely to Hip-Hop culture. See more of my work at www.glyphgallery.com Spray paint and stenciling are staples of Graffiti Art. It is through this art making I am celebrating the relationship between the United States and Japan. The classical Japanese imagery of this design is as follows:

Tori Gate: A gate present at most Shinto shrines or temples that signifies the transition from our world to the sacred.

Shiro (Castle): Fortresses used by factions in Feudal Japan.

Crane and Rabbit: Two animals from a Japanese folktale about the origins of the rabbit in the moon.

Mt. Fuji: Japan’s highest mountain. Is considered one of the three holy mountains in Japan.

Sakura Flower: A cherry blossom that represents spring, renewal, and the shortness of life.

Paper Cranes: It is said that if one folds 1,000 their wish would be granted. It is also a symbol of healing and hope during difficult times.

Toro: Lanterns made of stone, wood, or metal. Originally used to light paths to Buddhist temples.


Yvon Roush

Yvon Roush
Alto, MI

Vehicle: 2018 Honda Fit
Title: Road Trip
Sponsored by: Fox Honda – Grand Rapids MI

Two friends that find adventures from the everyday, sat in a local coffee shop and began outlining a wonderful idea for ArtPrize…

Adventure can begin as simple as a turn of a key. Honda can transport you, your friends and family on the roads that draws to wondrous locations, historical time capsules, magnificent landmarks, and places unknown. Our theme of Road Trip came from this inspiration to be anywhere and everywhere throughout our great state! So hop in and GO and find your wanderlust!

Collaborator Elihu Attruia was raised most of his life in west Michigan. As a student of Central Michigan majoring in Product Design Engineering Technology, Eli would carry his focus with technical skills and thru his attention to mechanical design. His ability to communicate and deliver unique projects to the table has lead him to internships with focus industries of innovating furniture and the interior automotive industry. Longtime friend and fellow artist, Yvon Roush was born and raised in Hastings, Michigan. She attended the University of South Florida and recently moved back to attend Kendall College of Art & Design, majoring in Industrial Design. Yvon balances out the free flowing design and organic movements to the collaboration. She builds upon her concentration from her background in the fine arts and with her industrial designing skills developed in her co-op position from the boating and marine industry. Both artists look forward to this amazing alliance. “Art and Design flows in both of our blood and we would not trade it for the world!”

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