2021 Design and Drive Finalists

Meet the artists for this year’s Design and Drive art contest at ArtPrize.

Margo Bacik
Battle Creek, MI

Vehicle: 2021 Honda Accord
Title: “POP!” into Michigan
Sponsored by: Battle Creek Honda

I have been a commission artist for over 25 years. From murals, memorial portraits, landscapes, to florals … I love it all and the diversity of work keeps me challenged and inspired and I have been blessed to display and sell work across the country. Today along with commission paintings, I work as a nail technician at Minges Creek Salon and Spa in Battle Creek where my work can be found as well as at Kellogg Community College.

My design this year is a nod to many great places and things to do in Michigan. There will be some seasonal flavor and the vibe is pop art. Thanks to Honda for having this awesome competition – its so much fun.

I hope you enjoy “Pop” into Michigan!


Maggie Bandstra
Grand Haven, MI

Vehicle: 2021 Honda Accord
Title: The Poppy Project
Sponsored by: Crown Honda

I completed my MFA in Painting at Savannah College of Art and Design in March of 2021. I am a full-time artist after 27 years of teaching art: my studio and office are in Grand Haven, Michigan, where I reside with my family. I have participated in all 10 ArtPrize competitions. My style and techniques changed a great deal from the first ArtPrize in 2009. I have grown to understand why I make art and what I want my art to communicate.

Inspired by a visit to a Poppy field in Fennville, the design of my car, “The Poppy Project,” connects ideas surrounding beauty and grief. Its fleeting blooms amaze me with their delicate petals. To me, they symbolize life and loss. This association grew after reading the poem Flanders Fields John McCrae. The relationship between beauty and grief connected in my mind and my artwork. My work usually takes the form of nature abstracted. From far away, my car’s design looks like a field of wildflowers. But when the viewer looks up close, they can see abstracted figures communicating our human connection with nature, each other, and the spiritual.

My ArtPrize entry of “The Poppy Project” can be viewed at the DeVos Convention Center.



Jimmy Cobb
Muskegon, MI

Vehicle: 2021 Honda Passport
Title: Lakeshore Drive
Sponsored by: Betten Baker Honda

I am a student, freelance muralist, and practicing fine artist embarking on my final year of undergrad at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. As a Muskegon native, most of my work centers itself within nature and our interaction with our environment. When moving my practice to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I found the lake of great interest for not only its beauty and power but also for its connectivity, between states and toward the larger world.

Any time that I am near water I know in some way it connects to home. In my time away from paint, I enjoy fly fishing the many fingers of rivers that reach across our states, and inevitably lead to home– the Big Lake. Fish, boats, and birds are the shapes this great lake gives me and what I feel would best fit on a car cruising the lakeshore. This design will be a mix of latex and spray paint. Whether or not you live near the lakeshore, the presence of this glacier carved state is surely felt by all who call Michigan home.



Mary Hopson
Fennville, MI

Vehicle: 2021 Honda HR-V
Title: Tropical Summer Dream
Sponsored by: Zeigler Honda

I am a southwest Michigan native and currently living in the beautiful town of Fennville. I am a self-taught artist as well as a singer/songwriter and member of the rock band, Xit18. In my down time I enjoy Lake Michigan, hula hooping, and spending time with my family.

Although my preferred medium is acrylic on canvas, I am also a sculptor and have an ArtPrize entry made from poly resin called “Weekend at Bernie’s.” My rendition of the viral pop culture phenomenon of Bernie Sanders and his mittens can be viewed at Flanagan’s so please check it out!

My Design & Drive entry is intended to remind us that even as summer begins to slip away, there is always time for a Tropical Dream. I’ll be using a little spray acrylic with the rest done entirely freehand by paintbrush. This will be my largest and definitely my most fun canvas ever! Dream Big… Dream Honda!!!



Mary Sayre
Grandville, MI

Vehicle: 2021 Honda CR-V
Title: “WATER” Above and Below
Sponsored by: Serra Honda Grandville

Mary Sayre is a marine artist known for her sea-life and waterscape paintings. Mary painted her first oil painting at the age of ten and found artistry as a path, pursuing her artistic passion she attended Kendall College in Grand Rapids, MI.

Mary’s paintings are exhibited and collected locally and internationally, Mary is a member of the Ocean Artist Society and her paintings are featured with Wyland and Guy Harvey in an international conservation effort. Mary Sayre travels worldwide with Ocean Geographic and serves as Artist of the Exhibition documenting the health and biodiversity of the oceans. Ocean Geographic Society publishes Mary’s works in books, films, magazines and shows in many countries including Singapore, Australia, China and the United States.

Mary’s painting “WATER” Above and Below will showcase “WATER” our precious resource, a life source of inspiration and motivation. A giant octopus, green turtle, fish and a whale’s tail will be featured in a colorful coral sea with clouds overhead.

My passion is sharing my art and I hope you enjoy and share it too.



Eric Staib
St Johns, MI

Vehicle: 2021 Honda Pilot
Title: whodahonda
Sponsored by: Fox Honda

Growing up dyslexic struggling with how to read and write, I found myself escaping gazing at children’s picture books and comics loaded with illustrations. I would simply daydream my stories.

Fast forward to the present day, I find at times, my days to be very challenging. I struggle with spoken comprehension and processing things written.

During my days teaching elementary art, I would draw these characters on the classroom whiteboard. At times, my students would ask “Mr. Staib, what are those?” I would reply “Those are whodawadas.” My students would giggle and say “What are whodawadas?” I would say in a cheerful voice, “You know, whodawadas are whatever you want them to be.”

A smooth blank canvas taking on the appearance of a coloring book page waiting for someone to befriend this whodawada of a character. A whodawada does not have a voice, thought, feeling, color, or name. They also don’t have an identity or a purpose in this world. A whodawada is simply what the viewer makes them to be. It could be a reflection of oneself or a joint story to their own life. The viewer simply takes ownership.

The whodawada only recognizes and reflects traits such as: friendly, cuddly, beautiful, fun, happy, loving, thoughtful, kind, warm, softhearted, affectionate, adoring, curious, sad, frightened, startled, nervous, bright and daydreamer.
The whodawada do not reflect or recognize negative traits such as: angry, irate, rage, wrath, deceitful, revengeful, profanity, impolite, rude, selfish, disrespectful, unkind, hurtful, cruel and mean.





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