“Fantastical Fairy-tales for Fantasy Fanatics”
Margo Bacik, Battle Creek, MI

Chosen by Battle Creek Honda to design a 2017 Honda HR-V

I have been a commissioned artist for more than 20 years. From memorial portraits to social statements, landscapes to florals…I love it all! The diversity in my body of work both challenges me and inspires me. I have displayed and sold my work around the country: Los Angeles, Baton Rouge, Houston, Martha’s Vineyard, and here in Michigan. Today you can find my work at Minges Creek Salon and Spa as well as Kellogg Community College in Battle Creek. I will be creating a whimsical design for young children and the young at heart. It’s a colorful fantasyland full of fairy-tales and nursery rhymes from past to present. Try to find you or your child’s favorite as you take a trip down memory lane! Click here to vote for Margo Bacik.

“We Are All Different Fish But We All Swim Together!”
Jerry Berta, Rockford, MI

Chosen by Betten Baker Honda to design a 2017 Honda Civic Si

I am an elementary art teacher in Kentwood Public Schools. For ArtPrize each of my 700 students created a fish, which will swim together on a fence in front of the Holiday Inn. As I outlined to my students at the beginning of the lesson plan, this project is about diversity; how we are all different people but in society we work together to create a better world. Kentwood Public Schools is the most diversified school district in the state. My wife, Madeline Kaczmarczyk and I will be covering the Honda in our style of “positive message fish.” We will be “slip trailing” (squirting paint out of ketchup and mustard containers) designs on the surface using over 30 bright colors. The car when finished will look like a psychedelic multicolored henna tattoo. Click here to vote for Jerry Berta.

“Super Trooper”
Daniel Bledsaw, Portage, MI

Chosen by Zeigler Honda to design a 2017 Honda CR-V

I’m a Senior Graphic Designer from Portage and proud participant of ArtPrize. My life was saved last year by a heroic Michigan State Trooper on July 4th when I had a heart attack along the side of I-94 near St. Joseph, Michigan. This car design, like my ArtPrize entry, is dedicated to Trooper Jim Janes and the Michigan State Police for the life-saving work they do every day! Art and creativity has been very healing for me as a heart attack survivor and I hope this important design makes a BIG statement to everyone who views it! Click here to vote for Daniel Bledsaw.

Alla Dickson, Zeeland, MI

Chosen by Crown Honda to design a 2017 Honda Civic Sedan

The design I developed for this year’s contest will be done in my style, which is contemporary impressionism. I, however, plan to reflect not only my free-spirited style, but also the Honda style, which includes such fabulous concepts as “ambition and youthfulness,” “fresh ideas,” “a harmonious flow,” and “value of research and endeavor.” The image of a butterfly had come to my mind. In some cultures, the butterfly is a personification of a person’s soul. The ancient Greek for butterfly primarily means “soul” or “mind”. Its first appearance in art was 3,500 years ago in ancient Egypt. My idea is to depict a butterfly on the front of the car, bright and free, and connect the symmetry of its shape with a modern design. The sides will be reflecting movement with many more butterflies.

Born in Belarus, USSR, and living most of my life in Siberia – integration into American society over the last 20 years has a huge effect on who I am and what I do. Visiting several dozens of countries around the world has had an immense impact on my creative personality. After working 30 years as a teacher in Russia and as an adoption social worker in the USA, I have now devoted myself to art, believing in its immeasurable value in everyday life. I share it through my artwork, volunteering, motivational speaking and teaching. I was honored to get several awards during last three years of my new career and participated in multiple local and international exhibits. The concept for this unusual project of painting the body of the car came to me quickly and naturally. I love experimenting, challenge and stretching my horizons in all areas of my life. Click here to vote for Alla Dickson.

“Day & Night”
Wilson Jr Mathieu, Rockford, MI

Chosen by Fox Honda to design a 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback

I started painting when I was 4 years old. I attended Massasoit Community College to study visual arts and graphic design in 2009 to learn techniques to apply to my own original style. I wanted to do something new; went to craft stores and used different textures and materials for my projects. And discovered the glow in the dark paint and thought it would be interesting to create paintings that look different at night. As both a dancer and artist, I started to create dancing characters mixed with city landscapes and monuments. This is how the Day & Night collection was born: paintings that are colorful in day light and that stay alive at night! Click here to vote for Wilson Jr Mathieu.

“Faces of ArtPrize”
Tara Meeuwsen, Grandville, MI

Chosen by RiverTown Honda to design a 2017 Honda Accord Sedan

I am an artist, an elementary art teacher for Grandville Public schools and an adjunct professor at Grand Valley State University. When not busy teaching I love to watercolor paint and blow glass. My goal with this design was to show a snapshot of what ArtPrize is on the car. The design begins with the Grand Rapids skyline on the sides and the Calder on the hood. On top of that will be portraits of people in the crowd, because it is really the people who come to ArtPrize that make it a special event. Click here to vote for Tara Meeuwsen.

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