2017 Honda Accord GrillThe lifespan of a vehicle is determined long before you purchase it; however, with regular maintenance these vehicles can have a slightly longer lifespan and maybe even break 200,000 miles. But, there are some that are built to be long-lasting cars and regularly last well past 200,000 miles. Keep reading to hear more about an iSeeCars study that points to Honda vehicles’ ability to last for generations.

Just How Great Are They?

iSeeCars conducted a study to determine which vehicles consistently get more than 200,000 miles and surpass the average of 1.3% of vehicles. There are a handful of lists for the study, but main one includes vehicles from all segments. This list gathers a total of 13 vehicles that have above-average lifespans. Of these 13, the Honda Accord and the Honda Odyssey tie for the number 10 spot with 2.3%.

A more specific list focused solely on non-luxury cars; 16 vehicles made it over the 0.8% average and onto the list. Out of these, a total of three spots were claimed by Honda vehicles. The Honda Accord and Honda Odyssey tied, once again, for second with 2.3%, and the Honda Civic took sixth with 1.5%.

iSeeCars also did a separate list for luxury vehicles, in which the Lincoln Navigator won the top spot in the luxury segment with 1.9%, while Honda vehicles like the Accord and Odyssey topped this—proving that you don’t always have to pay a luxury price tag for a high-quality, long-lasting vehicle.

Get Great Performance for Years to Come

Across the board, Honda vehicles have style, class, efficiency, and amazing performance, and they are built to last a lifetime. Visit your nearest West Michigan Honda Dealers location and we’ll help you navigate the many great Honda models to find the one that is best for you. Contact us online and we can also tell you all about our current offers and the process of financing a vehicle.