Honda-LogoHonda has begun 2017 with a bang, boasting various exciting sales achievements as the 2016 year ends.

For the fourth year in a row, according to sales figures released in late December, Honda is the proud parent of America’s most popular car, SUV, and minivan models and is also the fastest-growing automaker in terms of retail sales.

Honda’s Shining Stars

Within their segments, the Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Honda CR-V, and Honda Odyssey  concluded 2016 as the best-selling automobiles to individual buyers in America.

Also, as of the conclusion of 2016, the Honda Civic was positioned to post its all-time best sales in its 44-year history, making it America’s best-selling car among individual consumers.

The Honda Accord also ended 2016 on a high note, delivering impressive sales numbers and reigning as the retail sales leader among its rivals in the midsize car segment.

For the Honda CR-V, which has been America’s best-selling SUV for more than two decades, 2016 marked its seventh year in a row of posting sales gains in the American market.

Additionally, the Honda Odyssey concluded 2016 as the best-selling minivan in America among retail buyers, achieving this distinction for the seventh consecutive year.

The Honda Accord, Civic, and CR-V each further achieved the highest retail sales in the industry, after full-size trucks, and combined for the fifth straight year to sell more than 1 million units.

Looking Behind and Ahead

In total, Honda Division achieved a 4.5% increase in sales as of the end of November, amounting to 1,333,253 cars and light trucks sold.

As Honda forges boldly into the 2017 model year, the company has big plans in view, including introducing a redesigned Odyssey minivan as well as Civic Si Coupe, Si Sedan, and Type R models. Honda will also launch Clarity Battery Electric and Clarity Plug-In Hybrid models in 2017.

Stay in the Know

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