2017 Honda Civic Si Coupe Exterior Rear Angle DriveWhen we think about Honda vehicles, the first place that our minds drift to is the affordable, stylish, and impressively luxurious vehicles that we drive on a daily basis. However, there’s another side to Honda that many seem to know little about, and that is Honda motorsports. That’s right; the brand we thought we knew so well also has deep roots in the motorsports scene, which often inspires the engineering of the vehicles we love. Keep reading to find out more about Honda motorsports.

Honda’s Involvement in Motorsports

Honda has begun work on launching a new campaign that will keep drivers more informed about Honda motorsports, but for the time being let’s go over a few of Honda’s current motorsports areas of involvement. Honda is involved in quite a few motorsports programs, including the Verizon IndyCar Series, the Red Bull Global Rallycross, and desert truck racing.

Honda has even gone as far as to create a model of the Ridgeline designed specifically for desert racing. Not to mention that even vehicles from the commercial lineup get some racing play too, like the Civic Si Coupe, which participates in the Red Bull Global Rallycross.

Of course, with so much motorsports participation also comes a fair share of praise. During its time in motorsports, Honda has amassed a few impressive wins and records. Most recently, Takuma Sato won first place in the Indianapolis 500 for the Honda name. The Honda racing favorite, the Civic Type R, also just set a new record for fastest lap time around the Nürburgring track with a time of seven minutes and 43.8 seconds.

See the Racing-Inspired Honda Vehicles Today

The best part about all of this Honda motorsports information is that it doesn’t remain solely on the racetrack. Honda finds inspiration for the engineering and performance of each of their commercial vehicles in those designed for sport—meaning each Honda vehicle has roots in racing. Come take a look at Honda’s great lineup today at your West Michigan Honda Dealers location. While you’re here, we’ll also tell you all about our financing options and current offers.