Honda LogoEveryone wants to know which of the foremost Japanese auto manufacturers has more to offer drivers, but as of right now, there’s no real sense of agreement among the folks in West Michigan. Still, that hardly means that there’s no clear answer to the question. The experts at U.S. News and World Report have recently weighed in with their own analysis, and you might be surprised by what they’ve found! Based on a thorough study of 12 key factors and vehicle segments, U.S. News has declared in no uncertain terms that Honda is far and away the better option. Before you decide on your next new vehicle, make sure you understand why the people who know cars best think that Honda’s lineup has so much to offer!

Honda Puts Drivers First

What makes Honda so special? According to the “Battle of the Brands” competition mentioned above, there’s almost nothing that Honda vehicles can’t do better than the competition. When compared to Toyota, Honda’s options offered better pricing, safer design features, more luxurious interiors, and of course, superior performance.

These factors are important to almost every driver, but folks on the lookout for a specific type of car will no doubt still be interested in how Toyota measures up to Honda on a segment-by-segment basis. Although the writers at the U.S. News acknowledged that Toyota had strong showings in every category, they nonetheless came up short in the majority of comparisons.

Honda took home the prizes in the Small Car, Midsize Car, Compact SUV, Subcompact SUV, and Minivan segments—and as a result, they walked away with the overall victory.

Take a Honda for a Test Drive!

Now that you’ve seen how Honda outperforms Toyota, make sure to schedule a test drive in your favorite model! Honda’s vehicles can be explored in person at any one of our West Michigan Honda Dealers locations, and once you’re here, you’ll be able to take advantage of financing options and current offers that our competitors just can’t match.