2014 Honda PilotWhether you are looking at the 2014 Honda Pilot as a family vehicle, a work vehicle, or both, its three rows of seating is becoming a rarity among SUVs these days.

Available now at West Michigan Honda Dealers, the new Pilot does have the capacity to comfortably sit up to eight people, but that third row of seating means so much more.

You see, vehicles like the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee just don’t have the ability to compare. The seating is just one factor.

Room for the Whole Family

One of the best parts about the Pilot is not just that third row of seating, but that it’s a third row of comfortable seating. You’ve had to sit in the back row of a minivan or SUV before, right? How many of them leave full-size adults feeling packed in like sardines? Not the Pilot.

With 32.1 inches of third-row legroom, 48.4 inches of third-row hip room, and 38.2 inches of third-row headroom, it’s pretty clear that the Pilot has no trouble handling a grown adult in the back seat. And it certainly does it better than the Grand Cherokee, which doesn’t even have a third row of seating!

But that’s not all. That third row also represents versatility. If you don’t need it, just fold it down and make room for whatever cargo you need to haul. Taking the kids off to college? Fold down the back seat and make room for their dorm necessities.

And when you need it, you’ll have room for eight people—family or friends.

See the Pilot for Yourself

If you want to see just all the ways that the 2014 Honda Pilot is a great family SUV, we recommend a test drive. We can show you just how easy it is to convert from people-mover to cargo-hauler and back again as well as giving you some time behind the wheel.

Visit a West Michigan Honda Dealer today and take one for a spin.


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