West Michigan drivers, if you’re concerned about how you’re investing your money in a new car, we think you’re shopping smart. Smart shoppers tend to concern themselves with residual value, and the 2014 Honda Accord Coupe comes out ahead on residual value against many competing models—including the increasingly popular Chevy Malibu Eco.

Residual value is the amount of your investment that is predicted to remain after a certain amount of time of ownership on the vehicle—literally the value that still resides in the vehicle. You’ve heard the story about cars dropping in value after they leave the lot? Usually it’s a bit of an exaggeration, but they do decrease over time, and it’s smart to invest in a car with high residual value ratings.

How the Numbers Break Down

The basic LX-S trim of the 2014 Honda Accord Coupe is one of the most stylish midsize options this side of the luxury market, and we think that when you get to see everything it has to offer, you’ll understand why it’s rated so highly for residual value.

According to the value experts at ALG, the 2014 Accord Coupe LX-S with automatic transmission has a residual value of 52% after 36 months and 38% after 60 months, while the Chevy Malibu Eco only comes in at 41% residual value at 36 months and 31% at 60 months.

ALG has a history of experience with the value of vehicles, and while these are only estimates, they are good measures of which vehicle will keep its value for longer.

We think at least part of the reason why Honda’s vehicles tend to do so well in ALG’s rankings is from their dedication to affordability, efficiency, and equipment—three areas that it’s tough to beat a new Honda on.

Test Drive an Accord Today

Of course, what good is a good investment if it’s not any fun to drive. We invite you to visit a West Michigan Honda Dealer near you and take a 2014 Honda Accord Coupe for a test drive to see it for yourself. We think you’ll be glad you did.


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