HondaDrivers looking for a new outdoor-friendly SUV in western Michigan should consider the 2015 Honda Pilot, available now at a West Michigan Honda Dealer near you. Not only is the rugged and practical Pilot great for the outdoors from the get go, but Honda has plenty of accessories that can prepare you even better for excitement and adventure.

Accessorize Your Pilot

We think the four-wheel drive capabilities and up to 87 cubic feet of cargo storage space that are available on every trim level of the Pilot make it a compelling vehicle to take on outdoor adventures, but we know that some of you may want something a little more. Here are some of our favorite accessories:

  • Rooftop Attachments: Maybe you need a convenient way to transport your mountain bikes, kayaks, or skis, or maybe you just need some extra storage space. Regardless, Honda has rooftop accessories that fit your needs.
  • Nose Mask: While some drivers choose the nose mask to keep their front-end clear of bugs and guts, if you’re heading off the road, it’s a great way to keep twigs, leaves, and other debris from finding their way into the engine.
  • Tent: Sure, you can use your own tent, but why not opt for one that’s built for the 2015 Pilot? It can detach to serve as a stand alone tent or you can enjoy all the comfort of your Pilot by attaching the tent right up to the back.

This is just the start of the available accessories for the 2015 Pilot; feel free to ask one of our sales experts about what else is available when you visit us.

Test Drive a Pilot Today

If you want to see if the 2015 Honda Pilot can live up to what you need, all you need to do is visit a West Michigan Honda Dealer and let us know you’re looking for one of the best cars for the outdoors, and we’ll put you behind the wheel for a test drive. With five different trim levels, we think you can probably find one that fits everything you need.

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