‘What is Honda Snow Mode?’ – if you’re looking at a new Honda model equipped with an Intelligent Traction Management System, you might just be asking yourself that very question. It’s one of several available drive modes that can be shifted into when you need to adjust performance around changing needs, in this case when you’re crossing snowy or icy roads.

If you want to find out exactly how the Honda Intelligent Traction Management System works and how Snow Mode can keep you protected, we’re here to help.

How Does the Honda Intelligent Traction Management System Work?

Available with select Honda vehicles, the Honda AWD system directs power to all four wheels for those seeking dependable traction wherever and whenever they travel. The Honda Intelligent Traction Management System takes that capability further by optimizing performance based on changing road conditions.

When you want to adjust driving dynamics, all you need to do is push a button and switch into a different drive mode.

How Does Honda Snow Mode Keep You Safe?

You probably don’t need to be told that driving across snowy or icy roads can be hazardous. Proper traction is harder to come by when surfaces are slick, and in the event you lose control it can be tough to regain it when you’re on snow or ice.

As the name suggests, Honda Snow Mode is designed to be used in just those conditions. Working with your Honda’s Drive-by-Wire throttle system and Vehicle Stability Assist feature, it maintains maximum traction and stability for added peace of mind.

Further drive modes include:

  • Normal Mode: The default mode creates balanced performance ideal for most driving surfaces.
  • Mud Mode: Adjusts performance to work when you’re covering muddy or uneven terrain.
  • Sand Mode: Perfect for maintaining confidence while driving across soft, sandy surfaces.

Honda Vehicles Are Always Working to Keep You and Your Family Safe from Harm

The team waiting at your local West Michigan Honda dealer will be happy to talk you through everything from drive modes to current offers. For any further advice or assistance, don’t hesitate to drop by today or contact us directly.