HondaYou’ve probably already heard of the 2015 Honda Civic, but if you saw it and found yourself longing for the high-power European Civic Type-R, we have a solution: the 2015 Honda Civic Si. Like the regular Civic, it comes in either sedan or coupe builds, and like the regular Civic, it is a small car that can easily fit into the average driver’s budget.

But the similarities diverge wildly after that.

Built for the Track

While we’re sure that the standard Civic Sedan or Coupe could hold its own for a bit among cars built for the track, the fact is that the Civic Si actually belongs there thanks to features like these:

  • 2.4L i-VTEC four-cylinder engine: With 2015 hp and 174 lb-ft of torque, Honda’s sporty Civic is one of the few vehicles of its kind to have a traditional engine instead of the hollow performance of a turbocharged powertrain.
  • 6-speed manual transmission: Built for performance, the close-ratio transmission is compact and lightweight despite its solid feel. It’s designed with close gear ratios for the first five gears to offer swift acceleration while the sixth gear delivers efficient highway driving.
  • Textured aluminum pedals: The last thing you want when you’re going through a sharp curve or switching gears is to have your fit slip even a quarter of an inch, and these textured pedals give you a solid grip.
  • MacPherson strut front suspension: Combined with the rear multi-link suspension, the Civic Si walks the line between ride comfort and taut performance, offering swift feedback to the driver.
  • Sequential rev-limit indicator: Six lights give you an easy-to-follow gauge of your RPMs, with an i-VTEC light that triggers when your engine hits just the right spot for its max performance.

Now, the standard Civic is quite the car, but if you want something a bit more, we think that it’s clear that the Civic Si is up to the task.

See the Civic Si in Action

The 2015 Honda Civic Si is truly a sight to behold, and we would like to show it to you; visit a West Michigan Honda Dealer near you so that we can put you behind the wheel of this impressive car. We think you’ll love what it’s capable of.

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