2014 Honda CR-VIf you’re looking at a crossover utility vehicle around West Michigan, there’s a great chance that you’re doing so for a new family vehicle, which means that safety is of the utmost concern.

So what’s the safest crossover utility vehicle? It can be hard to figure out just which are the safest, but by looking at safety rankings from the NHTSA and available safety features, we think we can get a good idea of how two crossovers compare.

So, how about the 2014 RAV4 and 2014 CR-V? We already know that Honda comes out ahead on standard features (click that link for more), but what about the safety? Let’s take a look.

The NHTSA Rankings Speak Loudly

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is one of two major organizations that rank vehicles on their safety ratings, giving them crash tests and evaluating a variety of safety features to determine what kind of protection the give drivers. They’ve been doing it for years and are very well respected in the business, so know that what we have to say of their rankings carries a certain weight to it.

The 2014 CR-V earned a Five-Star Overall Safety Rating from the NHTSA. The RAV4 only managed four stars overall, and that’s not all. While the CR-V earned five stars in front passenger crash tests, the RAV4 only earned a three star safety rating in the same test.

So, while the RAV4 may come with many modern features that drivers like, almost enough to compete with the CR-V, when you factor safety into the picture, we think it’s clear which is the better choice for West Michigan drivers.

Test Drive a CR-V Today

When you want a safe, reliable CUV in the West Michigan area, we think that the 2014 Honda CR-V is the right choice for you. But don’t let us make that decision for you; visit a West Michigan Honda Dealer today and take one for a test drive.

We think that whether you’re interested in the base level or the high-end CR-V, you’ll be happy with what it has to offer. We can’t wait to see you in the driver’s seat.

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