Whether you find yourself sticking close to home or exploring beyond your typical surroundings to experience all that West Michigan has to offer, knowing how to get the best fuel economy from your Honda Civic, Accord, CR-V or other models with Honda Econ Mode can help to save you money as you put on the miles.

As you read you’ll learn what happens to your Honda when you press the green Econ Button. Knowing how your vehicle performs differently in Econ Mode can help you better understand when and why you should or shouldn’t press the Econ Button.

When to Use Honda Econ Mode

Cost to Own - Fuel Economy

  • On flat stretches of road
  • Normal driving conditions through the city
  • Cruising at a consistent speed on the highway
  • You aren’t towing anything with your Honda crossover, truck, or van
  • On cooler days when you don’t need the AC on max for a long time

When NOT to Use Honda Econ Mode

  • Driving in very hilly and/or steep terrain
  • Entering a highway where you need to accelerate
  • Overtaking a vehicle, particularly on a two-lane road
  • Towing anything with your Honda crossover, truck, or van
  • On very hot days that require the full power of your AC for comfort

Honda Econ Button– What Happens When You Push It

Pressing the Econ Button alters the behavior of several components in your Honda vehicle. Entering Econ Mode modifies performance in order to maximize your fuel efficiency.

  • Transmission and Cruise Control: With Econ Mode engaged, your transmission alters its shift points to conserve fuel. You may notice a difference in cruising performance when you’re traveling in hilly environments, as a vehicle in Econ Mode will try to avoid shifting up and down, even when cruise control is activated.
  • Air Conditioning: Econ Mode starts and stops your AC system as needed in order to limit consumption of power from your engine, which results in your engine requiring less fuel. You may not have realized that using the AC can consume a considerable amount of fuel over time since it requires power from your engine to run the components– not just electricity.
  • Throttle Response: Your vehicle’s reaction speed to you pushing down the accelerator is dependent on its throttle response. Even just adjusting the amount of pressure you place on the gas pedal a slight amount consistently can take a toll on your fuel economy for the worse. Econ Mode reduces the throttle response in the mid-range of RPMs so your vehicle isn’t affected by the small changes in throttle position– which are oftentimes unintentional. Throttle response elsewhere is unaffected.

Test Drive an Econ Mode Equipped Honda Model

When you take advantage of your Econ button, you’ll save money wherever you go! Honda’s lineup of fuel-efficient models, including hybrid models, has something for everyone, so take a closer look at our current offers. There’s never been a better time to pay a visit to your local West Michigan Honda dealer for a test drive!